Corporate Events
that Connect IRW

Human Connection—
Sometimes it just needs to be IRW

In a digital world, it’s nice to connect, talk, laugh and network with colleagues in the real world.

As business and activity move back toward in-person meetings, gatherings, and events, TRADEMARK is ready to bring it all together.


Real-World Events that Awe, Inspire, and Motivate

Whether it’s your company’s global premier, product launch, user conference, sales meeting or corporate party, we’re here to help.


We create the most compelling, interactive, creative experiences possible...and we never say no to new ideas or audacious requests.

  • We go deep to produce the experience and impact that our clients are looking to create
  • Every event is customized to meet business objectives and audience profile
  • Breakthrough creative without boundaries. Nothing’s impossible.
  • We never surprise clients financially

We have the biggest network of the most talented specialists from artists, videographers, sound engineers, online producers, performers, presentation specialists, coordinators, photographers, venues, transportation providers, caterers, specialty food and beverage providers, film crews, etc.

We Raise The Bar On Production Quality

Keynotes and conference sessions have a second (or third) life as on-demand performances.

We help you build sessions and content that immerses and engages attendees in a unique venue, in a conference session, during a breakout session, and after the event is over.

Our events are designed for real-world impact and long-tail marketing. We help you leave your mark with:

  • Keynotes and multi-media presentation production
  • Video, audio, digital, and interactive content
  • Real-world engagement that draws attendees in and inspires them to act
  • Compelling performances
  • Flawless production quality
  • Delivery across channels in the real world, or digitally after the event


Choose Experience.

Choose Creativity.

Choose Impact.

Our producers and teams do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • We create themed experiences and produce the details
  • We manage the relationships with the venue, AV, lighting, video, staging, event platforms, and IT partners to ensure seamless integration across all program elements
  • Manage all speaker and sponsor deliverables
  • Design and produce all digital content, activations, and audience engagement  technologies
  • We manage the registration process and ensure attendees, speakers and sponsors have all the information they need
  • We do post-production so you can create a long digital tail from your event investment

We provide all materials, production facilities, and staff for live-streamed, pre-recorded, or mixed keynote and breakout sessions. Throughout pre-production and during any necessary shots, Trademark directs the presenters to coax their best performances from them.