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Appian World

Global user conference
Exploring the possibilities and challenges of the AI era
Appian World
Global user conference
San Diego
San Diego Convention Center

Reinventing Productivity with AI and Process Automation.

A Legacy Partnership:
Elevating the Appian World Brand

Welcome to Appian World 2023, where the theme “Revolutionizing Productivity with AI and Process Automation” set the stage for a tech extravaganza. Kicking things off, CEO Matt Calkins unveiled groundbreaking tools like the Appian AI Skills Designer and Data Fabric, sparking a buzz about how Appian is steering the future of AI in business. The challenge was to foster a sense of connectedness among a growing attendee base while highlighting Appian’s innovative spirit.


The Attendee Journey:
A Festival of Experiences for a Discerning Audience

From a refreshing 5K run along the waterfront to a visually captivating mural started during the welcome reception, the event offered a variety of engaging activities. The mural, created by Pretty Done, adorned the hallway outside the Community Hub, becoming a lively focal point. The highlight was the main stage, featuring the Live Build Challenge where developers showcased their skills in a dynamic hackathon.


Community Hub

The Community Hub buzzed with activity, offering retro arcade games, interactive installations, and engaging networking opportunities. A dynamically designed sponsored stage became the backdrop for DJ Ohmega Watts as he set the vibe during the welcome reception. The Appian Booth stood out with its tall mirrored tower with LED neon lights. The booth hosted arcade games, a claw machine, LBC arcade-style mini challenges, demos, and a feedback wall.



The Silent Headphone breakouts were a standout feature, transforming traditional conference sessions into a unique, multi-sensory experience. With color-coordinated headphones, attendees could choose from different stages, making learning interactive and engaging.


Main Stage

Back at the main stage, the energy was palpable throughout the week. The opening moment showcased meticulous planning, top-notch content production, and impressive AV prowess, creating an immersive entryway into the Appian World experience. The theatrics culminated in the Live Build Challenge, where developers raced against the clock to transform bold ideas into real software under the watchful eyes of a celebrity guest and countless online viewers. Not to mention, a $10,000 grand prize!


Closing Party

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Rady Shell, the closing party was a spectacular finale. A 14-piece band and projection mapping on the Shell created an unforgettable atmosphere. As the sun set and DJ Riley took over, the night culminated in a vibrant celebration with fireworks lighting up the sky.


Curtain Call:
Close Collaboration, Big Impact

Each year, TRADEMARK and Appian redefine what a tech conference can be. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration ensures that every event is extraordinary. As we wrap up another successful year, we look forward to continuing our partnership and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our beloved client partner!

"Our collaborative and creative relationship with Appian is at the heart of our effort to push boundaries, create new experiences, and reach audiences across all of their events. We strive to form productive, long-term partnerships with the companies and the people we work with, which is why more than 95% of our clients use us again and again. We cherish these relationships and believe this level of partnership is essential to creating awe-inspiring events like Appian World 2023! "
Elle Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of TRADEMARK
Partners and Collaborations include
San Diego Padres Events at the Rady ShellJay Siegan PresentsPretty DoneHushues
Trademark AppianWorld GS
Appian CEO Matt Calkins Kicking things off by unveiling the groundbreaking tools Appian AI Skills Designer and Data Fabric.
Trademark Appian World
The Hilton Bayfront served as the canvas for the week’s festivities.
Trademark AppianWorld 5K run
The annual AW 5K embodies the Appian community’s tenacity, drive and each individual’s commitment to their own well-being.
Trademark AppianWorld Live Art Mural
Pretty Done created a backdrop for conversation starters, selfie hotspots, and a piece of art all rolled into one.

Trademark AppianWorld Breakout

Trademark AppianWorld Breakouts
Three vibrant stages, where everyone could switch between sessions through color-coded headphones.
Trademark AppianWorld Rady Shell
The San Diego Rady Shell, transformed into a party paradise.