A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

The mid-1990s, a core group of creatives working at Industrial Light + Magic (ILM) began producing ILM’s events, including wrap parties and tradeshows. Realizing the ILM blueprint of merging technology, craft and entertainment could be leveraged to transform brands into awe-inspiring live events, this group of creatives seized an extraordinary opportunity to leave their own mark in the event space. This was the beginning of Trademark Event Productions right here in our own galaxy in 1997. Today, Trademark retains that experiential DNA in everything we do—it serves as the magic behind launching the live event experience into exciting, uncharted territories.

How we do it

Led by co-founders and Executive Producers Elle Chan and Jon Forst, our tight-knit family of event professionals works seamlessly together to create the most memorable moments. From the first “What if?” to the last valet ticket taken, we cover every detail:


Creative Producer

Graphic Designer

Strategy & Vision

Exec Producers

Head of Production

Creative Director

Venue & Logistics

Operations Director

Transportation Lead

Field Services Specialist

Content & AV

Technical Director

Speaker Manager

Stage Manager

Project Management

Lead Producer

Catering & Hospitality

Catering Lead

Delegate Services


Marketing Strategist

Sponsor Coordinator

Web & Reg

Reg Lead

Website Coordinator


People, passion and the power of YES.

Creativity is essential for what we do. It needs an environment where imagination can run free, curiosity is king and “norm” is a four-letter word. Where laser-focused attention to detail is just as celebrated as punk-rock energy.

And the unknown is embraced (like Chewbacca hugging Han) with wide open arms. By creating a culture that our team and our clients can thrive in, it makes it easy to love what we do, love who we do it with and say yes to any challenge.

Culture is