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Trademark Helped Lime Rebrand From Novelty to Wonder

When Lime first rolled into cities unannounced, its scooters lying on sidewalks caused significant concern for residents. So had to rethink things. Crafting its reentry into major metropolitan markets, Lime’s first responsibility was to employees who wanted to be associated with a visionary brand.

Here’s where Trademark came in. Lime hired us to help stage a brand re-launch that rallied the company and its orbit around one message: simple, accessible micromobility for all.

Trademark worked closely with Lime brand teams and external agencies to help tell the company’s story in a moving series of montages and videos featuring customers whose lives have been transformed by Lime. CEO Toby Sun said he started Lime to connect people to places, faster and more affordably. He also wanted to connect cities, create access to people around the world, and ultimately, unlock life. Testimonials from customers showed how Lime did just that.

We then revealed Lime’s new logo, reflecting the company’s new commitment to mobility and accessibility for all: From Novelty to Wonder.

Overall, the event was a resounding success. And it was a great example of what we do best at Trademark: conveying a brand’s message in the most impactful way. Ultimately, your company should inspire pride in employees and customers alike. In a time where many things are in flux, Trademark can take some weight off your shoulders by helping you convey your brand’s image most effectively. Put simply, we can do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Let Trademark help you reinvent your brand’s story in these precarious times. Contact us today.