The 5 Tech Tools we Can’t Live Without

Being headquartered in San Francisco, our organization is surrounded by some of the most innovative technology companies in the world. A new product or service launches almost daily promising to make communication easier, project management smoother, and help an organization do what they do, but better.

At Trademark, we test these tools and services to see which ones help us create the best engaging, once-in-a-lifetime events for our clients. Here are our top five products and services we use on a daily basis (and recommend you do, too):

  1. Communication: With our growing national team, Slack is the quickest way to communicate with our team, vendors, and collaborators in real time across multiple locations. It consolidates email, phone calls, and text messages into one platform while allowing us to share documents. We extend our version to vendors, too, making real-time communications possible
  2. Transportation:If you work in events, then you know about the 5 am call time. You wake from only 6 hours of sleep to dozens of messages about decisions requiring immediate attention.That’s why we rely on the ridesharing app, Lyft, to safely transport our Trademark staff. This ensures we’re productive to and from meetings and venues.
  3. File Sharing:It should come as no surprise that we take a lot of videos and photos to capture our work and the success of our clients’ events. We use these images for wrap reports, marketing, and sales decks. Dropbox ensures the magnitude of files, regardless of size, can be securely saved on the cloud and easily accessible for our team.
  4. Video Conferencing:Sometimes a classic phone call just doesn’t cut it. Video conferencing software like Zoom allows us to hold meetings to multiple people while sharing our screens. The video quality is high, the screen sharing is easy, and there isn’t any complex passcode system. One of our favorite time-saving features is the ability to reuse links to set up meetings on the fly.
  5. Project Management:Each event we organize requires multiple teams of people and projects. To be successful, various milestones – with associated task lists and due dates – need to be implemented. While multiple project management tools are on the market, and we have used a lot of them we’ve found Asana to be the one that helps our teams and projects not only stay on track but visualize dependencies and concurrent projects best.

Making Experiences Count

The way we are able to create engaging experiences for our clients is through constant, effective communication and mobility. As Trademark continues to grow, we will continue to leverage the best products and services to help our team and clients thrive.

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