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It doesn’t take millions of dollars to leverage new tech in your production. And we can’t in good conscience say “new tech” without uttering “AI” in the same breath. So let’s drop in on our Trademark Tech Team to see how they’re customizing affordable technology to streamline their productions.

3D Scanning

Sometimes it seems like events live and die in the floorplans alone (how many times has an outdated floorplan wreaked havoc on-site?), so it makes sense that an actual 3D capture of the room in question would streamline production cycles in a major way. We’ve already seen how efficient drone footage can be for pre-scouting a site, for example. But what about a 3D capture of the event ‘in media res’?

“We need a pipeline for our own large-scale 3D captures of events while they are happening,” muses Dillon Morris, our very own in-house tech savant. “That way we can save an event like a scene that we can export at any time as a 3D file.” Having trouble remembering how many 6’ tables you used at the registration desk last year? Well, just immerse yourself in an actual 3D model of last year’s event. 

Those Matterport rigs are pricey, though link. Is there consumer-level tech out there that can do this? Well, yes and no.

“Luma AI is great, but not the perfect tool. It’s great for single rooms, but we’re working to build something more stable for large-scale captures.”

Dillon Morris Technical Producer TRADEMARK

Mets-Raybans Sunnies

We’ve always enjoyed sci-fi that is as fashionable as it is futuristic… and it seems as though we’re on the verge of actually becoming the hypertech cyborgs of our dreams. Enter Rayban’s Meta-Smart Sunglasses.

Trademark’s Production Yoda, Donovan Green, has started implementing these during site visits, most recently to London. We at Trademark note that the footage gives a true-to-scale feeling of the space itself – perfect for pitching sites to clients.

“I initially got these sunglasses so I could record my dog walks while he was a puppy. But now I’ve used them to record hotel walkthroughs, cities, restaurants, and all sorts of site visits.”

Donovan Green Production Yoda TRADEMARK


AI has transformative potential in so many aspects of our lives, and by extension, our productions – streamlining tedious processes that we currently take for granted. Keith Neves (creative director and stage designer) recently explored how Suno.AI can generate original music for main stage programming.

“The potential for attendees to instantaneously generate their own music or to swiftly create a unique soundtrack for key moments in an event like a conference opening is not just innovative; its transformative,”

Keith Neves Creative Director and Stage Designer TRADEMARK

 While perhaps nothing can replace your keynote speaker entering the stage to “Back In Black”, there’s so much room for AI to generate all of those little stingers and transitional moments on the spot, and to the client’s spec – all while bypassing public domain libraries entirely.”

There’s so many new tools coming out that can dramatically streamline the production process; we’ve only touched on a few of them here. Reach out to us, let’s have a conversation – we’d love to share how our innovative approaches can level up your corporate events. 

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