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Introducing TRADEMARK SiteSelect™


We’re thrilled to unveil a new professional practice with the mission to provide concierge-level event location sourcing services to global brands. We’re applying our extensive history in film and event production to corporate event selection services. We use a creative and technical lens to explore each location, so we can help companies select and secure the most effective venue at the optimal price and at the desired time

“Venue selection is among the most critical decisions our clients make when planning events. We’ve spent nearly thirty years building relationships with the most iconic hotels, brilliant spaces, and creative venues around the globe. We are turning this global knowledge into a stand-alone service in TRADEMARK SiteSelect. We have feet on the street that know the local scene in major cities around the globe. Our hotel and venue relationships give us access to locations that deliver the right attendee experiences from moment to moment and provide the perfect backdrop for important brand events. These relationships, combined with our expert sourcing, negotiation, and contracting process, give our clients access to premier locations they may otherwise miss.”

Jon Forst, TRADEMARK Co-Founder and Co-CEO

We Envision the Final Production

We select venues with the final production in mind. We offer a methodical yet creative exploration of possibilities and places as we help clients consider potential locations. Our design and production acumen allows us to imagine ways to add dimension and richness to each space, transforming it into an impactful brand experience.

The SiteSelect team brings first-hand knowledge of optimal event cities, hotels and special lodging, live presentations and production, entertainment and designed experiences, food and catering, access and travel, and optimal seasons. TRADEMARK can identify spaces that are easily lent to design, creativity, and production yet offer form, flexibility, and function to tell important client stories.

Contracts, Dates, and Details Delivered With White Glove Service

TRADEMARK SiteSelect will be led by hospitality industry professional Alison Jayne, who will serve as Global Sourcing Director. Alison brings 30+ years of experience delivering exquisite guest experiences at top global resorts and hotels. With a personal network of relationships at the highest levels of premier hotel chains, resorts, boutique and independent hotels, and venues worldwide, she is an expert at navigating the nuances of site selection, contracts, and the details affecting cost and return on investment. As an advocate for TRADEMARK SiteSelect clients, Alison knows how to work with hotels, venues, municipalities, and visitors bureaus, to amend contracts, waive fees, and do whatever it takes to secure the right place at the right time for the best price.

The TRADEMARK SiteSelect team works with clients to produce a comprehensive venue scope that details potential costs and considerations of each location. The team then guides clients through the selection process, considering event purpose, vision, budget, audience size, specialized production or entertainment needs, meeting rooms or special space requirements, off-site activities, transportation and accessibility, accommodations and lodging, seasonality, and city or location vibe.

Once target dates and cities are identified, TRADEMARK manages the entire RFP process. The team then delivers highly visual and thorough packages that showcase the best options for efficient decision-making. Once clients identify a preferred location, TRADEMARK manages every contract detail to ensure clients get the greatest return on investment with minimal risk.

Learn more: TRADEMARK SiteSelect.