Thought Leadership

Elevate Your Holiday Party Theme

Dressed in cheap wigs, gold sequins, and lamé bellbottoms, the cover band sings the BeeGee’s “You Should Be Dancing” to an empty dance floor.

Is that a raccoon onstage? No, it’s just the guitarist’s fake afro, which must have fallen off his head during his half-hearted Lawnmower move.

Aside from watching the cheesy band and drinking a strawberry daiquiri that tastes like it came from a convenience store slushy machine, there’s not much to do. Yeah, it’s time to go.

Not only is this party lame; it does a disservice to the rich culture, music, and art of an entire decade.

At Trademark, we love elevating familiar themes such as “seventies” by creating immersive, authentic environments that transport attendees to a different era.

How to bring a theme to life:

Incorporate original furnishings and décor. Instead of cookie-cutter rentals, find unique elements specific to your era or theme. LA prop houses, second-hand shops and eBay are great for historical props. Your audience will recognize and appreciate the authenticity.

Allow for discovery. The seventies included hippy, mod, funk, disco, and punk scenes. Pay homage to the varied subcultures of your era by creating distinct areas to explore, each with their own brand of entertainment, interactive, décor, and food.

  • Engage attendees. Interactives, such as specialty tastings and games, invite attendees to become part of the theme. Elevate your entertainment by bringing in audience judges on The Gong Show or starting a Soul Train dance party.

We love surprising Lucasfilm, one of our oldest and most creatively demanding clients, with custom elements that bring a theme to the next level.