DoubleDutch Live Engagement Tour

DoubleDutch Global Brand Activation Roadshow Launches Live Engagement Platform

DoubleDutch is a San Francisco-based technology company whose products are revolutionizing the live events industry. The Trademark agency was brought in to develop a multi-city, global brand activation roadshow to launch their Live Engagement Platform – a complete set of applications, integrations, and performance metrics that empower marketing and event professionals to successfully orchestrate their live events and measure event impact and ROI. Their target audience: marketing rock stars in six (6) cities around the world.

The Framework

Getting in front of marketers can be a tough task — after all, they are some of the busiest people on the planet. To demonstrate the power of Live Engagement Marketing, DoubleDutch knew they needed to bring the experience to them and show them the power of Live Engagement Marketing. This meant the brand rollout had to be international in six (6) target cities. On top of the international scope, the entire launch had to be planned and produced in less than five (5) months.

The Need

DoubleDutch is the leader in live engagement with a unique brand experience. To activate that brand consistently across many different geographic regions, it was clear that each location needed to express the brand. Hotel ballrooms and traditional meeting spaces were not going to work. Instead, we focused on finding non-traditional venues that would amplify the DoubleDutch passion for this space and the marketing professionals working in it.

“ Finding a cool venue was the single most important element to express the DoubleDutch brand experience. Besides seeing a new product from DoubleDutch, what else could we do to get rockstar marketers to take time out of their busy schedules to come to the event? ”

Trademark Solution

The agility and scalability of the Trademark team was demonstrated over a five (5) month period of managing the six (6) separate international launch events. Our deep knowledge of each city helped us find the right venue that would deliver the brand experience DoubleDutch wanted.

Our team then scored the best, most singular experiences that captured the DoubleDutch brand and would reinforce the “live engagement” theme to attendees – the most sought-after local vendors preparing cold-brewed coffee in London, the best NYC bagels, Chicago’s finest cold pressed juices, and more. Each city also featured a local graffiti artist who created a one-of-a-kind piece that one lucky attendee took home with them. We also incorporated local DJs to add another fun layer to the events.

From a production perspective, “non-traditional” often means not every venue was equipped to handle events. In some cases, we were asking a venue to do something that was a huge departure from their normal daily activities. They were eager to host an audience of local event planners, but were limited in what they could offer for the technical production aspects.

Our producers worked with each venue to ensure we delivered the desired production level for DoubleDutch. Each city featured multiple speakers with presentation and product demo requirements. In some venues, this required hiring third-party providers to supplement AV equipment and boosting the internet connectivity to ensure a seamless result.

The Outcome

Trademark Events successfully produced the DoubleDutch Live Engagement Tour in six (6) cities around the world: New York, Chicago, Toronto, Amsterdam, London, and Washington, DC. The compressed production timeline was managed effectively and our team navigated the different time zones and languages spoken with precision.

Each event featured creative activities that worked with the venue and showcased the local flavor of the city…and complemented the DoubleDutch personality. The event professionals who attended were surprised and delighted by the unique experience created just for them. DoubleDutch could demo the product to hundreds of marketing and event professionals in the markets that aligned with their overall business goals.

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Tour proved that when you combine the power of digital with the power of face-to-face compelling things will happen that resonate far beyond the live event.

“The team at Trademark was a perfectly paired extension of myself and the internal team here at DoubleDutch. I respect their ability to tell you how it is, give you their professional opinion, solve all problems and take on any challenges you throw at them. Trademark was able to bring the DoubleDutch vision and brand to life across the globe in a unique and memorable way.”

Lindsey Lyle, Head of Demand Gen & Event Marketing, DoubleDutch