Don’t Cancel, Make it a Virtual Event

The current health crisis has caused everyone to reimagine how we gather. Despite keeping distance, our mission hasn’t changed: to bring people together and make lasting connections through virtual events. And we execute them with the same creativity and attention to detail as our in-person events.

Trademark is a full-service creative agency that has produced virtual events since 1998. We design experiences to connect with and engage your audience by focusing on exactly what matters: intentional design with highly engaging virtual components that vastly increase your audience and customer conversion.

Just like live events, virtual events require flawless execution. Our high-quality production and broadcasting services, partnered with our custom activations, leave the attendee with lasting brand memory impressions.

How do virtual events work?

If you’re new to virtual events, Trademark will help create a comprehensive strategy, execution plan and budget for a full understanding of your overall scope.

Our rich history in film production uniquely positions us to deliver on virtual production components others cannot match. Thanks to our history with Lucasfilm, we are able to expertly execute the seemingly impossible projects. We’re known for driving creativity to a truly transformative level, helping creative companies, including Adobe, Slack and ZEISS, deliver experiences to their most critical audiences and customers.

Creative direction is a hugely important part of the job, everything revolves around viewer engagement. Our experience in venue selection, set design and management, speaker sourcing, training and rehearsals, set you up for success. With technology like augmented reality, virtual broadcast strategy, and show graphics, bringing your vision to life is a challenge we’re well equipped to deliver.

What will your virtual event cost?

Let us handle everything

Trademark does the virtual heavy lifting for you, managing all speaker and sponsor deliverables. We produce everything from digital content to activations and engagements, and integrated registration to stage and keynote and breakout sessions (live, simulive or pre-recorded).

We manage the relationships with the venue, AV and IT partners to ensure seamless integration across all program elements. Whether you are live-streaming or broadcasting, planning and rehearsals are the backbone to delivering a successful program. Throughout pre-production and during any necessary shoots, Trademark directs the presenters to coax their best performances from them.

Need help creating your virtual event? Whether you are planning a virtual event for the first time or need to nimbly transition from in-person to digital, here at Trademark, we will help you pull it off spectacularly. Contact us today!