Does Your Corporate Event Production Company Create Brand Memories?

Trademark Events is a corporate event production services company. With roots in storytelling across every medium including stage production, film, digital, virtual, and experiential marketing, Trademark is the event planning company behind some of the most immersive user conferences, product launches, industry events, virtual gatherings, celebrations, and parties in technology, biotech and pharmaceuticals, financial services and entertainment.

Trademark is unique. Our methods are creative, our results are awe-inspiring, perfected, and polished. Our experiences bring brands to life in physical, virtual, and hybrid corporate events. Trademark is a team of creative geniuses who are committed to finding the story at the heart of every corporate event and inventing new ways to bring your brand story to life in immersive, multi-sensory experiences with the right message. Over two and a half decades, we’ve refined the art of imagining, producing, and executing corporate events and experiences. The largest companies choose Trademark to produce their most important corporate event because they want to challenge the status quo, surprise and delight attendees and drive home brand values. Trademark is a corporate event production company that specializes in “Brand Memory Marketing”.

A little Light and Magic in Every Corporate Event

Trademark is among the most accomplished event production services companies. We’ve specialized in experience design and production for 25+ years. Trademark was borne of producing Industrial Light + Magic (ILM) events like film wrap parties and tradeshows. Honing their skills with experience, our founders created a blueprint for merging event technology, creativity, and craft with entertainment to create experiences that inspire emotions, actions, and behaviors. The team learned that they could leverage experiences to transform brands into awe-inspiring live events. Over time, Trademark event production company has brought its creative approach to virtual and hybrid corporate events as well. The Trademark founders seized the extraordinary opportunity to leave their own mark in the corporate event industry. Today, Trademark retains that experiential DNA in everything it does. Every Trademark team member believes that stories, told as immersive experiences are the magic behind every corporate event.

Trademark’s seasoned professionals work alongside internal team members to imagine, design and produce and execute events that turn ideas into a reality. Our team is passionate, driven and artistic, and utilizes cutting-edge technology to capture the unique story for each event. Trademark is a full-service, end-to-end corporate production team that is ready to tackle any event you can envision and bring it to life in the real world, virtually or a combination of both.

Our Proven Corporate Event Approach

We’re committed to innovation and excellence in event planning and production. We combine years of expertise to deliver fresh ideas and highly creative concepts to our clients. We follow a specific, proven process for meeting expectations and excellent delivery across all areas of event production.

Step #1: Imagine Without Boundaries

We begin with your story, your goals, your vision of the event experience, and your understanding of your audience. We imagine general sessions with new ways of presenting information, new channels to reach attendees, new contexts by which you can tell the story and serve the goals. Then, we begin to formulate a series of experiences and production elements that bring your story to life in a corporate event that sets a new bar for influence, immersion, and engagement with your audience. No corporate story is alike. No event vision is alike. No event experience should be alike.

Step #2: Envisioning Experiences and Event Design

Trademark is more than event design, planning, logistics, and execution. We conceive and create experiences that engage attendees and inspire them to act. To learn. To network. To build loyalty. We select event elements including state of the art technology, audio/visual, film and digital production, virtual and physical presentation, and a wide network of artists, performers, speakers, caterers, venues, staging and production, graphics arts, and specialists that combine to bring your story to life during an event. With elements selected, we begin the production process.

Step 3: Right-size Scope

We partner with and support internal marketing and event staff to bring a unified vision of your event to bring the vision to life. Juxtaposed against the goals and the vision of the event, we define the scope and size of each experience, each event segment, and each component of production to meet your needs. We apply our expertise and creative horsepower to deliver the successful corporate event you imagine within the limits of your budget, your timeline, and your goals.

Step 4: Artfully Produce

With the story in mind, we create each corporate event component. Each presentation, culinary experience, virtual or real-world spectacle, content piece, gift or giveaway, sound or sight is designed as part of a symphony of experience–the experience of your story. Every component is defined in detail and executed using state-of-the-art production technology and techniques. No event component is overlooked.

Each event component is brought to life within the context of its role in the entire production, and each part of the production is brought to life in support of your story. The result is an immersive experience that immerses your audience and influences their preferences, emotions, and reactions.

Specifics Include:

More than event planning, we deliver complete corporate event production services. We conceptualize, design, and deliver in a physical indoor, outdoor, traditional or non-traditional venue.

  • Program development for 100% in-person corporate events, 100% virtual events, and hybrid event experiences
  • Creative concepting, design, and production
  • Venue and vendor selection and management
  • Technology and multimedia services
  • Event marketing and event website
  • A broad inventory of event spaces
  • Stage design, lighting, sound, and A/V production
  • Creative content and presentation development
  • Audiovisual solutions
  • Presentations
  • Lighting
  • Décor and creation of an immersive physical and virtual environment
  • Entertainment and spectacles
  • On-site, at-venue day-of coordination and staffing
  • Photography, videography, and film
  • Audiovisual solutions
  • Registration and attendee management
  • Post-event production
  • Physical, virtual, and hybrid event production

Virtual and Hybrid Corporate Events

Every event is now a virtual event. Trademark Events applies two decades of multi-media, online, and broadcasting expertise to creating immersive, engaging virtual, and hybrid events. The expertise that makes Trademark a leader in physical experiences parlayed perfectly into the excellent execution of very large virtual events. Companies of all sizes have reimagined their large events, meetings, festivals, and conferences into live and engaging online experiences. Virtual and hybrid corporate event production is both a headlining event delivery method and a method to extend a physical event. Our clients understand the necessity of virtual events.

Rethinking Virtual Event Production

Bring audiences out of their seats and around the world with compelling stories that support your brand and messages. We can take attendees on a global street art tour without leaving their seats. Let them experience a world without access to water in an all-encompassing video experience that translates into a desire to take action. We can whisk virtual and physical attendees away to new worlds with surprising new people, landscapes, sights, sounds, and even smells.

Beyond hybrid. Unified experiences.

Digital and physical realities aren’t co-existing…they’re combing to produce otherwise impossible experiences. Audiences share experiences from spaces around the globe without limitation, and with shared vision and immersion. Distances between people and products are being eliminated as brands and their stories are shared virtually, in the real world, and across time and space, but unified by message and intent. Together the best of both worlds will make for a new world of experiential potential, a more personal and social and global and local and ambient and in the moment engagement.

Trademark Corporate Event Production is evolving with our clients as their needs and the world around us evolve. We are taking the corporate event to new spaces, across new boundaries, and into new possibilities. We are innovators, creators, technologists, dreamers, and producers who are passionate about flawless execution. We are Trademark.