Behind The Scenes

Creating Spaces That Move People

Here at Trademark, we are always looking for creative new ways to engage attendees at our events. San Francisco’s rich arts scene inspires us to think outside the box when it comes to building interactive spaces and creating memorable experiences.

We’re lucky enough to work ten minutes away from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), a creative hub which features contemporary art galleries, theaters for film screenings and live performances, and community events. We stopped by on a “Third Thursday,” to see the space in action.

YBCA employee and Trademark friend took us behind the scenes to see how the magic happens. In the model shop, we were happy to see some very familiar production equipment.

“ Whether producing a corporate event, or installing an art exhibit, it takes smart and creative people to build something truly seamless. ”

In the Grand Hall, attendees chatted over drinks, listened to a live DJ, watched a projected video loop, and interacted with installations from the Market Street Prototyping Festival, including a 3D printer and “Smaller and Upside Down” – a series of specialized lenses that distort views of faces.

Dynamic lighting along the stairs led the way to Earth Machines, a contemporary art exhibit which addressed the hidden stories behind laptops, smart phones, and other tech gadgets. Encountering the complexity of seemingly mundane objects generated strong reactions and dialogue among attendees. We took a break at The Front Door, a lounge space complete with plants, inviting furniture, and a six-sided ping pong table. There, we found a lending library with books inspired by YBCA’s mission and programming. YBCA staff had added their own favorites to the mix, which made the event feel truly personal.