Corporate Event Trends Shaping 2024

As we round the corner into the home stretch to 2024, it’s exciting to think about some of the trends in store for event planners in the coming year. This blog post explores the cutting-edge trends that we think will define event planning in the coming year, from technological innovations to changing attendee expectations.

Sustainability takes center stage for event producers

With a collective commitment to a greener future, event agencies that prioritize environmentally friendly practices will lead the market. By implementing comprehensive sustainability programs, collaborating with eco-conscious venues, prioritizing sustainable transportation and staffing, conserving energy and water, utilizing sustainable materials, reducing waste, and promoting recycling, event producers and their partners will set a shining example for other industries.

Technology revolutionizes event experiences

Event producers will create captivating experiences through advanced technologies that take attendees on a predetermined event journey. Immersive eventscapes will feature multi-sensory entrances, LCD walls, sound baths, projected video, aerial drone displays, and physical environment transformations, all designed to transport attendees into the experience. Multi-part video storytelling will be widely used to deliver information and experiences, building anticipation, delivering content creatively, and fostering post-event connections.

AR and VR enhance virtual and in-person interactions

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will play a key role in enhancing interactive experiences for both virtual and in-person attendees. AR can overlay virtual scenes onto real-world projections, while VR can transport attendees to different virtual environments. These technologies will be used to create immersive eventscapes, facilitate digital interactions, and enhance engagement.

AI personalizes the event experience

Artificial Intelligence will take a leading role in personalizing event experiences by automating tasks, providing insights to attendees and planners, and recommending speakers and sessions tailored to attendee preferences. AI-powered tools will enhance efficiency, audience engagement, and the overall event experience.

Transformed spaces leave a lasting impact

Stage and venue design will undergo transformations to create awe-inspiring backdrops that immerse attendees in the event’s ethos. Lighting, design, and transformative surfaces will set the tone and enhance the overall experience. Designers will push boundaries by hosting events in non-traditional venues, utilizing projection mapping, high-definition displays, and creative lighting. Attendees will be inspired and motivated by the unique event spaces.

In-person events make a strong comeback

After a hiatus caused by the pandemic and economic contraction, companies are eager to embrace face-to-face interactions to deliver messages, build communities, and create experiences. While virtual and on-demand elements will remain important elements of events, companies will prioritize in-person connections in 2024. Given the seemingly contradictory nature of this trend with sustainability, the kinds of events that are trending more in-person are local roadshows and more localized conferences.

By staying ahead of these trends, event planners and producers can create awe-inspiring attendee experiences and shape the next era of corporate events. 

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