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When planning a virtual event, the more time you have to plan, the more successful your event will be. But, as any seasoned virtual event planner knows, you won’t always have the benefit of ample time to plan a virtual event!

This is no reason to give up on building your dream event! Follow along for 5 top tips to successfully plan a virtual event, even on a tight timeline.

1. Identifying the event’s main goals

Identify the purpose of the event and your target audience. Focusing on your event’s must-haves is imperative, especially when planning on a short timeline. It is also vital to consider what transformation you intend to give your audience through the event.

2. Find elements that can be cut out

Simplicity is paramount when planning an event on a tight timeline. You need to identify things you can sacrifice to keep the event planning process simple. Reducing the number of speakers and attendee engagement programs is a good start towards planning a rushed event.

3. Use a technical and secure all-in-one platform

With a quick turnaround time comes the need for top-notch efficiency. For this reason, you need to use a sophisticated platform to accommodate live streaming, zoom integration, attendee engagement, sponsor tools, and more. However, remember to keep it as simple as possible for the clients and attendees to use.

4. Utilize event management solutions

Event management solutions can come in handy when you are on a tight timeline. Planning an impactful virtual event involves several tasks that can easily overwhelm first-time hosts or inexperienced teams. Event management solutions can help reduce the chaos of planning a rushed event.

5. Utilize existing contacts and social media to spread the word

If you are working with a tight time frame, you may not have sufficient time to market your event. In such a case, engage your existing circle to spread the word. Contact your friends, current mail list, previous event attendees, and internal employees to help market your function.

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