Behind The Scenes

Artists Bring Brands to Life in Miami

Nobel Biocare – a medical device company – chose a beautiful space to host its 1,000 person Symposium Reception. Tucked between the aquamarine shore and the iconic Fontainebleau in Miami, you couldn’t ask for a more inspiring location. But Trademark and Nobel saw another opportunity in being outdoors: the ability to feature several artists whose large-scale work could bring the Nobel brand to life.

” To achieve Nobel’s future-forward vision, we knew we had to draw from the rich culture and local flair flare of Miami. “

Inspired by Wynwood’s vibrant murals and the deep house vibes of the Miami Beach club scene, we hand-picked artists from diverse disciplines to engage attendees at every level: visual, musical and even edible.

A local street art collective painted three (3) large murals, creatively integrating products and branding from Nobel Biocare. LED hoopers and poi spinners wove through the crowd, while hip hop dancers lit up the dance floor. Illuminated wrist bands pulsed with the beat in a collective, in-sync light show. The night closed with a local DJ and 10′ tall LED robots inspiring customers and partners to pack the dance floor. Evidence of the evening’s success didn’t dissipate with the last song, though. The signed artwork now sits in the Nobel US HQ as a reminder of how brands resonate in a community.